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Henry has been training at Worsley Racing Stables for the past five years, leading to over 100 winners. The facilities has played a massive part of keeping the horses happy, by giving the more variety.


The gallop is 5 fur longs long and the surface is wood chip.

Grass gallop

The grass gallop is 1 mile long with a incline, along side the grass gallop is a rotational track, which is used during summer months or when the turf is too hard.


Also on the turf we have 4 fences and 4 brush hurdles to school over.

Round canter

The round canter is about 1 furlong in length, the surface is a mixture of sand and rubber.

Turn out

During the winter months the horses will enjoy turn out throughout their training. The grazing about the yard consist of 30 acres, during the summer months the horses are turnout together on a 50 acre field.


Housing for around 30 horses.

Horse Walker

Two horse boxes